SportsCodes: Library of ID Mapping. is an open metadata registry – a library of metadata codes – that can help facilitate the organization, storage, searchability, presentation, and cross-linking of sports information. These codes are edited and maintained by members of the SportsStandards alliance, and are free for all to use in any way desired.

The codes included here are organized into hierarchies. For example, “Major League Baseball” is a league within the sport of “Baseball” and the sport-category of “Hardball.”

Different publishers covering the world of sports have assigned different metadata codes to the leagues, teams, games, and players they cover. One of the primary objectives of is to provide updated mappings among all these sets of codes used by popular publishers. These mappings are human-readable, via your browser, and are also dynamically accessible to sports-processing software applications, via a Web Services interface.

A Call for Raw Materials! (January 31, 2008 11:48pm EST)

Send us your spreadsheets, your lists, your database exports. We need all sorts of mappings made among unique IDs used for players, games, teams, leagues, etc. We'll also be collecting fundamental roster-style information used for identifying players -- such as their date-of-birth, date-of-death (if any), hometown, and height.